Improving upon the standard in Temperature Control Units. The TrueTemp TC 100 Series features a family of temperature control units ranging in features and capabilities to meet the needs of any project. The family of TCUs gives users multiple options for full customization, offering a solution for every application. From the small and economical TC110, to the state-of-the-art TC130, the TrueTemp TC 100 Series of Temperature Control Units continues to build upon the historical legacy of AEC. As the leading supplier of TCUs, AEC is the brand you can rely on. The TrueTemp name has been trusted for generations to provide the absolute best temperature control in the industry.

TC110 Series
Value – Availability – Serviceability

The most affordable and economical TCU from AEC. Known for ease of serivce, features an open design with removable side panels. A standard Eurotherm controller and simplificed design makes the TC110 the perfect choice to meet basic application needs.

TC120 Series
Historical Reliability – Customizable – Durable

The TrueTemp® TC120 Series is the industry standard. The TC120 is the TCU thousands of people have come to expect and depend on from the leader in temperature controls for more than 60 years. Featuring a robust design (under NEMA 12 standards), increased cooling accuracy, and larger, more durable casters, the TC120 Series is more reliable and durable than ever. Available options include an advanced controller, up to 24kW heaters, modulating valves, and customization to your unique specifications.

TC130 Series
Intelligent – Predictive – Reliable

The TrueTemp® TC130 Series is the most advanced TCU from AEC. This latest innovation features increased options for maximum flexibility, along with state-of-the-art controls and a 3.5″ HMI color screen. These advanced controls provide predictive maintenance features as well as intelligent capabilities like Pressure Adaptive Technology utilizing digital pressure transducers. Troubleshooting is made easy via USB data logging and remote monitoring. All of this comes with the longevity and reliability you’ve come to expect from AEC TCUs.